The top 10 concerns we hear from residents and family members currently associated with assisted living facilities are:

  1. My mom is alone in her room all day long
  2. No one called my dad to go to activities
  3. No one is available to help with dressing
  4. Not enough staff members
  5. Mom isn’t eating and no one is there to assist
  6. No one brought Mom to the dining room and she missed her supper
  7. My dad was sitting in soiled Depends and no one checked on him
  8. Long hallways, housekeeping late
  9. Emergency cords are not effective and it takes too long for help to get to the room
  10. Food / Dining room has assigned seating and strict meal schedules

The team at The Sarah House understands these very important concerns families bring to us on a daily basis. It is with these concerns in mind that The Sarah House Way is continually being enhanced to ensure optimal service to our residents.