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How to Support Your Loved One in a Senior Assisted Living Facility


As our loved ones age, their needs may change, and providing them with the best care becomes a top priority. When transitioning a family member to a senior assisted living facility, it's essential to offer support and ensure their well-being. At The Sarah House, we understand the significance of family involvement in the lives of our residents. In this article, we will provide guidance on how to support your loved one in a senior assisted living facility, fostering a sense of comfort, connection, and happiness in their new home.

Maintain Regular Communication

Keeping in touch with your loved one is vital to their emotional well-being. Regular communication shows you care and helps them feel connected to their family. Whether through phone calls, video chats, or visits, make an effort to check in on them frequently. Engage in meaningful conversations, listen attentively, and provide them with a sense of belonging by sharing updates about the family and their community.

At The Sarah House, we believe in working closely with family members, recognizing the essential role they play in the lives of our residents. We encourage open lines of communication and welcome family involvement in decision-making processes to ensure our residents feel supported and cared for.

Participate in Activities Together

Engaging in activities with your loved one can enhance their overall well-being and strengthen your bond. Participate in the programs and events offered by the assisted living facility, such as game nights, exercise classes, or social gatherings. These shared experiences provide an opportunity for quality time, fostering a sense of joy and companionship.

Additionally, consider planning outings outside the facility, such as trips to local attractions or family dinners. These activities help create cherished memories and maintain a sense of normalcy and social connection in their lives. We can work with you to coordinate activities outside of our facility while ensuring that your loved one is safe, secure, and well cared for.

Personalize Their Living Space

Decorating and personalizing their living space can make a significant difference in your loved one's emotional well-being. Help them bring familiar items from home, such as photographs, cherished heirlooms, or favorite pieces of furniture. These familiar surroundings will provide comfort, promote a sense of belonging, and make their new living environment feel more like home.

Collaborate with the staff at The Sarah House to ensure that any personal touches adhere to our facility's guidelines while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your loved one. Additionally, if your loved one is in a shared room, please keep the other resident in mind, and ensure that your loved one’s belongings aren’t overwhelming the space. We want every resident to feel that they have a space that is truly their own.

Engage with the Care Team

Building a strong relationship with the care team at the assisted living facility is essential. Regularly communicate with the staff members, including the caregivers, nurses, and administrators, to stay informed about your loved one's well-being and any updates regarding their care.

At The Sarah House, we prioritize communication with family members and work closely with them to address any concerns or questions. We believe in fostering a partnership that supports the physical, emotional, and social needs of our residents.

Attend Family Events and Support Groups

Participating in family events and support groups organized by the assisted living facility can offer valuable support not only to your loved one but also to you as a caregiver. These gatherings provide an opportunity to connect with other families who are going through similar experiences and share insights, concerns, and advice.

Attending family events allows your loved one to interact with their peers and engage in a sense of community, fostering a feeling of belonging and social connection. It also offers you the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the facility's approach to care and build relationships with other families, creating a support network that can provide comfort and guidance throughout the journey.

At The Sarah House, we are committed to creating a supportive and nurturing environment for our residents. We believe in the power of family involvement and open communication to ensure the well-being and happiness of our residents. We invite you to contact The Sarah House to schedule a tour of our assisted living facilities and see firsthand the exceptional care and personalized attention we provide. Together, we can ensure your loved one receives the support they deserve in their new home.