Touring Daytona Beach Assisted Living Communities

Senior husband visiting his disabled wife on the grounds of the nursing home while a nurse pushes her wheelchair.

When choosing an assisted living community for your loved one, it’s extremely important that you visit the location before making a final decision. Visiting a facility in person can tell you far more about it than online photos, reviews, and phone calls with the staff. If you’re touring Daytona Beach assisted living communities, we strongly encourage you to schedule a tour of The Sarah House as well. But no matter what assisted living community you’re visiting, it’s important to have a checklist of questions to ask and things to look for. Here are some suggestions of what you might want to include on that checklist.

General Questions

Here are a few basic questions you should ask regarding the facility:

  • How many units are in the community/facility?
  • How many are currently available?
  • Can you tour the available units and other certain spaces?
  • What are the visiting hours like?
  • Is there a waiting list to become a resident? If so, how long might it take to be admitted?

The Sarah House has four different locations near Daytona Beach, with two different types of living available. Our “congregate living” facilities house up to 35 residents, while our “cottage living” facilities house only 6 residents at most. Both private and semi-private rooms are available. The availability will vary for each facility, so be sure to ask when you take a tour!

Observing the Facility’s Grounds

While you’re on your tour, keep an eye out for these things:

  • Are the grounds well maintained, clean, and easy to get around in?
  • Is the community in a good area?
  • How close is the facility to essential amenities (i.e., grocery stores, restaurants, etc.)?
  • Is there a hospital nearby?
  • Is there public transportation available nearby?

All of our facilities are located in Ormond Beach, just five minutes away from Daytona Beach. This puts us in close proximity to stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and hospitals, while allowing residents to enjoy a quieter, more desirable neighborhood.

Observing Staff and Residents

Your initial impressions of the staff and residents should be a major factor in your decisions about whether or not to place your loved one in this facility. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for:

  • Are you greeted by a staff member upon entering?
  • Was it easy to locate the main office?
  • Does the staff seem professional and eager to help?
  • Do the residents appear happy and properly cared for?
  • Are the residents interacting with one another? Do they seem to have developed real friendships?

Our staff members are always eager to greet those touring our facilities! Visit any of The Sarah House’s locations, and you’ll quickly notice how happy and comfortable our residents are here.

Questions about Staff

While your impressions of the staff are vital, it is still important to ask key questions about the staff members at any facility you tour. Here are a few you should definitely be asking:

  • What credentials do the staff members have?
  • What is the usual resident-to-staff ratio? Is a caregiver easily available to residents at all times?
  • What is the hiring procedure for staff members, especially the doctors and nurses?
  • Do staff, doctors, and nurses take continuing education courses?
  • What hours are administrators available for questions from residents’ family members?

We maintain a low resident-to-staff ratio at all times in order to ensure every resident receives the care they need. We have an “eyes on” policy to resident care, which means there is nearly always a staff member within sight of your loved one. We also offer 24-hour communication for our residents’ family members, so if you ever have any questions or concerns, you’re welcome to contact us!

Questions about Amenities

For an assisted living community to truly feel like home, it needs to offer more than just basic care. So be sure to ask some of the following questions about the amenities the facility offers:

  • Are there regular social events and activities at the facility?
  • Do they ever hold off-site trips and events?
  • Is there a common area for residents, with access to games, cards, movies, etc.?
  • Do they provide services like laundry and housekeeping?
  • Is there a strict meal schedule, or a flexible dining option?
  • Is there an extra cost for any of these services and amenities?

At The Sarah House, we provide regular activities to keep our residents engaged and excited about their new community. We encourage socialization, and our common areas are available for residents to use throughout the day. Our monthly costs are all-inclusive, which means your family member will receive housekeeping and laundry services, along with an open-dining meal plan, for a single monthly cost—no surprise fees or unexpected charges.

We strongly believe that you’ll notice the difference between our facility and other assisted living communities from the moment you step in our doors. Click here to request a tour of one of our facilities, and see for yourself what a difference The Sarah House Way can make.

Daytona Beach Assisted Living with The Sarah House

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Leaving your home for an assisted living facility can be a jarring change. But it doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable one. Many assisted living facilities are comfortable, cozy communities that feel just like home—with a little extra help when you need it. At The Sarah House, we strive to make every resident feel right at home from the day they arrive. That’s why we offer four different facilities, with two different styles of living, so our residents can find an environment that suits them best. If you’re looking for assisted living in Daytona Beach, you can read a little more about our locations below.

Close to It All

All of The Sarah House’s assisted living facilities are located in the comfortable, quiet community of Ormond Beach, which is a part of the Greater Daytona Beach Area. It is close to all of the shops and other amenities in Daytona Beach, while allowing you to enjoy the peace and quiet of being away from the main thoroughfares. With easy access to stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues, you can enjoy plenty of activities away from The Sarah House if you wish. But when you’re ready to call it a day, your cozy space will be waiting close by to welcome you home.

Cottage Living

As mentioned above, The Sarah House offers two different types of facilities, so you can find a living environment that suits you best. The first option available is what we like to call “cottage living.” We have two of these kinds of facilities in Daytona Beach, and they each house up to six residents. This is the ideal living situation for those who want a quieter, more secluded style of living, with only a few neighbors around.

Residents in our cottage living houses often become very close with one another, and become more like family than neighbors. It is a truly homelike setting, and residents are always within immediate proximity of a professional caregiver. The living areas are tastefully decorated, and both communities have enclosed patios and a lovely garden area for residents to enjoy.

Congregate Living

The other residence type that we offer is what we call “congregate living.” These much larger facilities have space for 20 to 35 residents. These residences are designed to promote socialization, which can be extremely beneficial for senior citizens, who might feel isolated in a solo living environment. However, if you don’t wish to be around other residents, the rooms are spacious enough for you to comfortably relax, watch TV, and enjoy some time alone.

Even with the larger number of residents in these facilities, a caregiver is always nearby to provide assistance when it is needed. The comfortable living areas still provide a homey feeling, so residents can be completely comfortable while receiving the extra help they might require.

Testimonials from Family Members

Here are a few thank you notes we’ve received from our residents’ family members:

“Your whole team is extremely caring and wonderful.  All my friends and coworkers and family can see how relieved I am to have Mom in such a wonderful facility. Your staff is on the ball and the facility feels like home every single time I go in to visit.”

“Please thank all of your staff for all the care and love they gave to Yvonne. I appreciate all you did to make her comfortable and keeping her in your care. You have a wonderful organization and should be very proud.”

“My mother was a resident at Sarah House II, I can’t begin to tell you how loving and caring the staff was to her. It’s not easy to care for someone with a memory problem. She was always neat and clean. My mind was at ease when I would say good bye to her.”

The Sarah House Way

Each of our facilities is operated in what we call “The Sarah House Way.” This means so much more than ensuring our residents’ basic needs are cared for. We provide exceptional care while still promoting as much independence as possible. We encourage each resident to have a “life purpose,” something to keep them engaged and interested in the things around them, and to give them a happier and more fulfilling life while they are with us.

Additionally, we ensure that every resident’s family is given regular updates and consistent communication, so they never have to worry about how their loved one is adjusting. We support both families and residents throughout the transition of moving into one of our facilities to help it go as smoothly as possible. The Sarah House Way means helping every resident to feel like family.

To learn more about The Sarah House and our assisted living facilities near Daytona Beach, contact us today.